Monday, October 6, 2008

Letting go

I have 3 grown kids, and I am learning slowly, but surely to let them go and grow up. My oldest daughter has 2 children of her own, and one on the way. She is in a bad realtionship, and I try to give her the benefit of the mistakes I made in my relationships. She tells me she is not like me, and she is hell bent on making her marriage work. I understand to a point what she is saying, but it still bothers me that her husband will not get out and work and make sure that her and the kids are taken care of. All I can do is be there when and if she needs me. My next to the oldest just started driving a truck for a living. I worry about him so much. He calls me every night so I will know he is ok and hasn't gotten into a wreck. He is a very good man. he has a girlfriend that has 3 children and he treats them like they are his own. He has a very good work ethic, and he is a very giving person. He tells me I did a good job raising him and I have to trust he will make the right decisions. My youngest daughter is still at home with me and if I had my way, she would always be with me. She is very bright and funny and she says that she is going to go to schoola nd have a career before she even thinks about having any kind of relationship. She knows whats he wants in life and she is very independent. I raised my kids as a single mother and I tried to make sure that the worst things going on in my life did not have any effect on the people they turned out to be. They are very good people and compassionate. I know looking back I did my best and they turned out to be great adults. I realize that I have to believe they will take what I tought them and will go on and use those lessons in their life. Althoug it is very hard, I am learning how to let go.